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International Crating.

Serving clients worldwide

Project Description

International Crating

International Crating

We will crate anything from small delicate items to industrial heavy machinery.

Here are a few examples of what we can do for you:

In-House Crating, On-Site Crating, Domestic or Export Crating, Load, Block and Brace Ocean Containers and Flat Racks, Unloading Containers and Flat Racks, Uncrating, Help Arrange For Shipping; Domestic or International Pickup and Delivery Available

We custom design for your needs:

• Wood Boxes; built up or knocked down flat ready to assemble Pallet Boxes, Reusable Boxes, Slat Crates, Pallets, Helicopter Pallets, Heavy Duty Skidding, Shock Absorbing Boxes and Skids Vapor Barrier Bags.

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